Career by Design

Pillar 1

Collateral – Document Design & Creation

  • Resume – Our Career by Design Team conducts a personal interview to fully understand the scope of your background and experience. We translate the information into a resume that conveys your “unique story” to prospective employers and new connections. Our creation is visually appealing and incorporates “keywords” to comply with today’s applicant tracking systems (ATS).
  • Executive Summary – An impressive summary is created from your background and experience and is tailored for your ideal roles and industries. This marketing piece is designed to open doors for introductions, conversations, and leadership opportunities.
  • Online Presence – Winner Partners investigates your digital footprint to ensure that it accurately and positively represents you and your professional passions. We also review and optimize your online profiles including social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Pillar 2

Strategy Definition & Target Identification

  • Experience Assessment – Taking our team’s examination of your background and experience, we partner with you to further assess your accolades, assets, and attributes. Our brainstorming session identifies personal interests or passions that could be adapted to our planning efforts.
  • Opportunity Prioritization – The team prioritizes the opportunities for transitioning your skill set into various industries and roles. We determine your flexibility with location, employment type (permanent, interim, or project), and compensation requirements.
  • Marketing Plan – Armed with this information, a dedicated partner creates a personalized Custom Marketing Plan with targeted organizations, contacts, and other pertinent information to help hone in on prospects.
  • Targeted Opportunities List – Winner Partners identifies 100 targets specific to your Custom Marketing Plan.

Pillar 3

Brand Refinement & Executive Effectiveness

  • Brand – Your professional brand is assessed to ensure it accurately represents who you are, including a self assessment. Based on your desired outcome, we optimize your desired brand. We ensure your personal brand is in alignment with the type of opportunities you are seeking.
  • Executive Effectiveness – We start with a leadership-style assessment. This powerful online assessment provides scientifically proven data to identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential blind spots in your management and/or leadership style. Our consultants develop a personalized improvement plan. The plan incorporates refining your communication skills, mastering “storytelling,” and developing practices for sustainable effectiveness.
  • Refinement – Our Team evaluates your overall presence including style, the way you speak (words and tone), appearance, image, body language, and overall executive presence and counsels on areas of focus.

Pillar 4

Behavior-Based Interviewing

  • The Interview is Critical – The ability to interview well is a strategic advantage at any point in your career. The interview is where the chemistry with the interviewer(s) is established and where the candidate’s intangible assets are assessed. We dissect the anatomy of the interview and optimize each section based on your experience and background.
  • Education is a Must – Winner Partners educates our participants on how to prepare for the interview, what to expect, interview etiquette, and techniques. Our Partner conducts a “mock” interview with the participant for their targeted role. Preparation for various types of interviews is covered (i.e. individual, panel, board).
  • Practice Makes Perfect – Our Partner critiques the interview and assigns appropriate “homework” for the participant. The participant is reevaluated and is amply armed to maximize their chances for moving to the next step in the interview process.

Pillar 5

Marketing & Active Outreach

  • Execution – Conducting an effective job search requires time and diligence. Many busy executives find they need assistance to define a dedicated strategy to identify their next opportunity. Based on your targets, we build a plan to execute your search including senior leadership opportunities rarely advertised. Our cultivated networks assist to uncover executive opportunities. Creating opportunities within these networks is a next-level strategy perfected at Winner Partners.
  • Market Outreach – Armed with our Strategy Identification and Targeted Opportunities (Pillar 2), we activate our coveted networks and initiate outreach to your targets. Our Partners facilitate introductions to key decision makers in these organizations.
  • Expectations – Timing and expectations are carefully considered for this Pillar as significant efforts are required by our Partners to execute successful outcomes.

Winner Partners puts the power of networking into action for you. To get started on your Career by Design contact us for more information and pricing.



Perhaps a dramatic career move isn’t quite right for you…

Career by Design, Early Executive Program

Seeking to empowers the successful professional in making a plan to take their next career challenge, or the emerging leader desiring to break into a top leadership position, by giving them the tools, resources, and support needed, Career by Design for the Early Executive offers a unique service which includes 4 Coaching Sessions and 1 Career Strategy Session.