Client Solutions


The Winner Partners engagement team works with our clients to understand the history, values, mission, and culture of the organization. Our intake process is thorough and is designed to extract the necessary details for us to share your story. The job description is where we start to learn key components and requirements of the role, but our partners strive to uncover the expectations that a great hire can achieve. We balance the primary responsibilities and qualifications that are necessary with the ideal profile of a candidate and their fit with the organization.

We listen to our clients’ direction for specific targets and augment with our market knowledge and sourcing expertise. The search strategy outlined and further defined with our clients guides us in precision candidate targeting and streamlined, accelerated placements.


Our search strategy incorporates creative and innovating sourcing techniques, activating knowledge and industry networks, and scouring our proprietary databases. Recruitment is done by our Partners; this crucial element of establishing a relationship with the candidate in the initial phases of recruiting is trusted to our seasoned consultants. The assessment and evaluation of candidates by multiple partners gives you various insights on each candidate. Vetted candidates are summarized in easy-to-read candidate dossiers focusing on key professional and personal attributes, compensation, relocation factors, and other criteria identified in the search strategy.


The selection process of candidates is facilitated by your Winner Partners team. The team prioritizes the candidates for the client’s evaluation and then serves as the coordinator for the client’s interview process (phone, in-person, video conference, off-site, or presentations). Candidates arrive prepped and prepared to interview. Secondary or additional interview coordination continues as required.

Offer & Onboarding

Winner Partners assists with offer negotiations by providing comprehensive compensation details for finalist candidates. As needed, we offer salary analysis by industry, role, and/or location. Our years of experience assists clients and candidates with complex relocation scenarios as well. When an offer is accepted, our team helps with the onboarding process including; candidate resignation guidance, drafting press releases, and any other custom services our clients require.

Follow Up

We offer a one-year guarantee on our placements and maintain routine, follow-up contact with the client and new employee to ensure a smooth transition. Additional consultative programs are available through our Brand Refinement & Executive Effectiveness Pillar to assist with accelerating the learning curve for new leaders.

Levels of search: ensure a smooth transition

  • Executive/C-Suite, we are experienced with Boards, Selection Committees
  • Management or Leadership Team
  • Individual Contributors
  • Project Recruitment

Client Solutions

Enhanced Services

Organizational Assessment

Today, organizations evaluate many aspects of their business to remain competitive. Forward-thinking businesses rely on our consultants to evaluate their organization for success today and in the future. Whether you are going through a transition or are interested in an evaluation of the health of the organizational structure or leadership effectiveness, Winner Partners provides an unbiased assessment.

Transition Triage

Candidates who find themselves in an unfortunate scenario of a downsizing benefit from the outplacement toolkit designed by our Transition Partner. This custom program provides the resources and tools necessary to land a new role. Comprehensive, corporate outplacement services are also available for organizations designing a thoughtful process for transitioning employees to succeed in finding a new role.

Future Talent Management

Succession planning is paramount for successful businesses regardless of structure (i.e. family owned, private, or corporate). Our team will be educated on the status of your business and then evaluates the organization, current employees, and structure of developing talent. Our team forecasts the future talent required, by skills and experience, for your business’s survival. Workforce initiatives for skills gaps identified in the project are executed with specific search assignments or targeted talent sweeps.


We encourage you to consider the power and advantage that comes from being coached by a certified professional dedicated to helping you unleash your potential and achieve your goals.

A coach brings out the best in each person they work with through a professional relationship focused on results. There are so many choices in coaching available, Winner Partners offers targeted coaching services in addition to retained search, candidate assessment, and on-boarding.  Learn more here.