The Power of Disruption

As we prepare to meet the challenges and seize the new opportunities in a ‘new normal’, it is critical that we never cease to expand our knowledge while also learning how to think in new ways. 

Every now and then, we all experience the power of disruption in life and in business. It comes in the form of a key employee departure, the loss of a loved one or marriage, a cancelled contract, or a business opportunity falling apart because of a market downturn. Many of us have become familiar with this disruption recently. We would be missing an opportunity here if we did not honor the power of disruption available to each of us, regardless of circumstance.  

Helping people, businesses, nonprofits, communities, and governments thrive is my life’s passion and my driving mission. With my decades of service and leadership across all aspects of economic development and professional coaching, I am grateful for opportunities to put my expertise to work for the greater good. This period is being called THE GREAT DISRUPTION, which evokes a smile but, in my opinion, misses the point.  This is a period of significant change, and those leaders who can embrace the reality, and adapt to what is happening before our eyes, will be successful.  Leaders should be thinking how they can incorporate these changes into their business model, now and in the future. 

The world as we have known it will never be the same in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking stock of your circumstances, assessing your position in the marketplace and in your community might be scary right now. But there is so much more to be thinking about, beyond the dollars and cents. As a Certified Executive Coach, I utilize assessment tools such as Quality Metrics, DISC, and Strengthsfinder, as well as 360 Degree evaluations, in coaching and advising executives, their senior team members, and their organization’s civic and political stakeholders. My overarching aim is to assist others in successfully navigating innovation and change during these unprecedented times. The world as we have known it will never be the same in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. It is imperative we prepare ourselves and our organizations for the new challenges, along with opportunities, the future will bring. 

When each of us takes on a people-centric approach, we start to see beyond the chaos and begin thinking in terms of long-term possibility. The power of disruption includes growth, change, transitions, and real transformation. I specialize in executive coaching, organizational management, board development and training for corporate and non-profit managers, along with leadership and personal development. The conversations that I’ve had with executive leaders about disruption leading to transformation are countless. The impact is immeasurable. The growth that comes from harnessing the power of disruption is irreplaceable. 

What does it look like? With executive coaching, I help clients identify opportunities, as well as challenges, for them to address, plan, and execute methods to efficiently reach personal and organizational objectives. For organizational management, I assist clients with assessing the workplace and creating a supportive environment where employees are motivated and committed to an organization’s success, while also achieving a deeper sense of personal value and contentment.

Working with executives on board development and training, I help them gain a thorough understanding of the complex role of a governing board. I also train them on how to develop and maintain sustainable partnerships with board members so that they are individually and collectively empowered to execute an organization’s vision and mission. 

As we prepare to meet the challenges and seize the new opportunities in a ‘new normal’, it is critical that we never cease to expand our knowledge while also learning how to think in new ways. How can we use new approaches to shine and differentiate ourselves and our organizations in order to achieve our goals? Forward thinking, flexibility, and creative problem solving are some keys to keep top of mind in order to seize success. How does an organization leader know it is time to ask for help? You know it is time for assistance when you run out of options for solutions and you cannot answer your leadership/stakeholder’s questions. 

Now more than ever, there is a need to nurture and support individuals and organizations in discovering new methodologies to reach their highest levels of personal and professional achievement.

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About the Author

Ronnie Bryant is Winner Partners’ Not-For-Profit and Economic Development Partner, hailing from Charlotte, NC. As Founder of Ronnie L. Bryant, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in executive coaching, organizational management, and board development and training for top-level corporate and not-for-profit managers. His career includes 30+ years in Economic Development roles leading top-performing organizations across the US, most recently serving as the President & CEO of the Charlotte Regional Partnership in North Carolina. A Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) and past chairman of the International Economic Development Council, Ronnie provides valuable leadership perspectives for our clients in the economic development ecosystem, the broader not-for-profit space, as well as those in the corporate, private sector.