Power of the Partnership

Finding the right partner can be difficult – whether it’s a life partner, dance partner, BUT especially when it’s a business partner. But as they say, when you know, you know.

Steven Oberhoffer and I worked together at a global search firm where collaboration was encouraged, because finding synergies and aligning strengths bring energy in the quest for new business. Steven and I quickly learned we shared similar ambitions and a strong work ethic. Over time, we began partnering as a team on every assignment, we were on every call together – true believers in the African proverb, “If you want to go quicklygo aloneIf you want to go fargo together.” And, so we did.

Partnering is a great exercise in elevating the strengths of another and being comfortable working in the background. Partnership means a minimum of doubling down on your ability to get something done. Partners are natural collaborators and gravitate to the point of knowing you sometimes better than you know yourself, your company, or your product.“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

The Power of the Partnership is at the core of Winner Partners. Our practice was built with two individuals who shared vision, philosophies, and developed a cadence – an “operating rhythm” – and succeeded together. We continue to look for that operating rhythm with additions to our cadre of subject-matter experts – our On-Demand Partners. Our On-Demand Partners bring industry knowledge, practical experience in their fields, and relevant networks and connections to our team and to our clients.

Partnership is ever present in our relationships with our clients. We’re picky. We are interested in clients who are looking for a Partner who understands their business, their mission, their culture, and the Partner who can articulate such to talented individuals in their field. If you want resumes, applicants or the fastest hire, there are a number of firms that do that well and we are happy to refer. For clients looking for a Partner who works to bring you multiple candidates with the right experience and those who will fit with your culture and values – Winner Partners is the RIGHT partner for your organization. We are ready when you need us, and we don’t stop until you are satisfied with your selection.

True Partners are not easy to find. The same is true for talent. But when you know – you know.

Tina Winners

Contributed by Tina Winner, Managing Partner