We have built client solutions based on years of expertise, a deep understanding of expectations, and a desire to help people access services when they need them. Our Solutions On Demand give you the ability to retain 1-on-1 services, when you need them, for 30 minutes on demand.


Solutions on Demand, Especially Designed for Organizations,
Executive Leaders, and Senior Managers

Selections include:
Job Description Creation, Offer Letter Assistance,
Interview Question Creation, Usage of Assessments,
How to Utilize an Interview Guide/Consensus Matrix, 
Professional & Personal Development Assessments,
Help with Reference Checks 


Have something different in mind?
Some of our offerings may be more appropriate for
Individual Contributors, Candidates, and those in Early Career

Selections include:
Interview Preparations, Mock Interview Experience,  
Behavior Assessment Access & Debriefing,
Resume Critique,
Career Coaching, Executive Effectiveness

Our Solutions on Demand can be delivered virtually with as little as 12 hours notice based on the availability of our practitioners, coaches, and consultants. Click here to explore, schedule, and experience
Winner Partners Solutions on Demand.