The Hidden Costs of DIY Hiring

In a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ world, HGTV and Pinterest make everything seem so easy. One thing we hear from clients who try DIY when it comes to hiring is that they felt they wasted so much time only to discover that the candidates they were interviewing weren’t really the right ones.

Executing the Interview Strategy

“Because strong interview performance is the greatest precursor for your success, it’s important to be prepared. Most interviews are behavioral in nature, so be ready to draw from all your life’s experiences. While you should keep the main focus on past career successes, don’t be afraid to provide examples from your personal life, volunteer activities, etc. It’s also key that you are concise yet provide enough evidence of strengths in the areas that will be covered by the interviewer. The interview is your gateway to your new position, so be relaxed, reflect on past successes and be ready to continue the path to your success!” Lisa Donnelly, Human Capital Partner for Winner Partners

Technology and the Cost of a Bad Hire

Technological advances to recruiting have provided great aggregation of resumes matching keywords identified in the job description for the role. However, technology can only get us so far. Titles, job descriptions, and responsibilities are fluid and vary from company to company, and industry to industry.

Weapons in the War for Talent

The Rising Tide of Turnover- The candidate-driven workforce is leading to staggering turnover in the United States. In 2018, 41.4 million U.S. workers voluntarily left their jobs making the voluntary employee turnover rate over 27%. Since 2010, turnover has increased by 88%. When you calculate this with the average employee departure valued at about 1/3 of that worker’s annual earnings, the financial implications are enormous. There is no end in sight with predictions that the 2020 number will rise to 47%.