Weapons in the War for Talent

Attracting Candidates through Brand Management

If “post and pray” has been your primary strategy for attracting strong talent to your organization, and then relying on them to migrate their friends, colleagues, and family along to fill in the ranks, it might be time to abandon that method and consider employing a strategy that identifies the qualities, qualifications, and character that the quintessential employee will bring to your table.

This begins in-house—with paying close attention to the way that you and your employees are communicating why working in your organization is attractive. Brand management includes online presence for many in today’s ever digitally motivated marketplace.  Candidates are interested in understanding and researching prospective employers online and want to be sure that contemporary technologies are being used. Managing social media accounts across appropriate platforms is just one way that you can be sure your brand is being well represented and having the right stories to tell. If your organization wants to connect with the right consumer, client, or candidate, then understanding how closely online presence and brand management are aligned is an important piece of that puzzle.

Brand management carries through into the communications and ‘client-customer-candidate’ experience. From the initial greeting by phone or email, to the experience of walking into your location, brand management calls for universal alignment with the vision, mission, and goals of the organization. Brand management gives a whiff of the organizational culture—and more top candidates than ever before want to ensure that prospective employers pass the sniff test. When an organization reeks of disorganization, and disingenuous interactions, top candidates know they can go running for the hills.

Candidates today are looking for more than just top salary—they are seeking harmony in their work life and professional life. This means that employers can be creative by putting together benefit packages which include additional vacation time as a bonus for performance, remote working opportunities, stipends for professional development, and in-office daycares to name a few. When employees are happy, trusted, and accountable, they will be motivated to perform.

Since employee turnover is part of life, one can never be totally insulated from the need to fill positions. However, employing a strategy for this that includes consistently managing your brand identity and online presence, cultivating a positive, corporate culture reflecting your brand and mission, and remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to compensation and benefit offerings allows savvy organizations to position themselves as desirable employers. Creating a pathway for employment pipelines, through internships, apprenticeships, board and community volunteer involvement, and thought leadership are all ways that smart organizations are keeping it fresh. What are some of the ways that your organization is positioned for winning this war for talent?